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The Daily Write

I’ve been writing on this blog now for a little over 4 years, and recently it’s been a daily exercise of sorts. Inspired by the prolific blogging of Fred Wilson, I’m now trying to spend at least a few minutes a day to jot something down.

My thinking on the frequency and quality of blogging has flip-flopped through the years, almost as the purpose itself has changed. Initially I wanted to just write for myself and my friends, but that turned out to be highly inefficient in the age of social networks. Then I wanted to provide some insights and thoughts into the software industry in general, but it’s been devilishly hard to maintain motivation when each piece takes a day to write and is read by all 2 people.

There’s been plenty of studies on the power of habits over spontaneous (and short-term) motivation, and writing applies just as well as any other activity; there’s ample advice columns and apps that help towards this goal. Coming up with interesting topics to write is a challenge, and that inspiration comes and goes in spurts. My big change this time around is in forcing myself to not spend a ton of time on any one post, and to establish a habit at least in quantity, in hopes that over time that would result in better quality from continuous exercise.

So I’ll see you tomorrow.

By allen
allenc allencheung