Oh wow, Yet Another Blog…

It’s always fun to do the first post of a blog. Like writing the first lines of code in a project, there’s always this call of potential and unrealized greatness a blank canvas affords. Yes, this time I’ll keep this blog updated, filled with interesting content, hits driven by timely posts to recent news and contraversies, and perhaps even make some money after I crash the hosting servers from traffic.

Yea. Right.

If you’re reading, though, you may wonder why someone would spend the time building his own blog, when services like Posterous and Tumblr already exist, and besides, sites like Facebook and Twitter do a damned fine job at connecting people online and capturing snippets of thoughts and ideas. Hell, this particular blogger already has a blog that is, as of this writing, a year untouched.

Back when I first got into writing down thoughts online to be broadcast to the world was in 2004, when none of the above services existed – at least beyond the Harvard intranet. With no real way to share to a mass (yet controlled) audience, blogging was a tool to keep friends up to date and provide a creative outlet for writing. As the years went on, though, social networks proved they were much better at sharing, blogs became commercial ventures that made money by overemploying underpaid writers to provide content no single individual could hope to compete against, and most people got over the novelty of publishing themselves online to realize that they really don’t have much to say.

I still think that writing, as trivialized as it is has become, is still a valuable exercise, and that a destination where I can play around and show off side projects is still worth having. In this sense, my previous blog – focused on writing about my life, pictures, and observations – has been made obsolete by the aforementioned sites; this blog will, instead, focus on more technical stuff, specifically that in the web front-end engineering field. Web 2.x, if you will.

Oh yea! Welcome to the site. There isn’t much content yet; I spent the last few months building a theme for the site from scratch, but a plus is that I have a few ideas collected in my head during this time. Drop me a comment or two, or feel free to contact me directly.

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  1. i was checking to see your incoherent blog then I found this. Nice Job on your rants although I find it sometimes hard to follow with some of the tech jargon it is pretty interesting.
    Hope you went to Roland’s wedding and congrats for your engagement. I only found out through your about page on riding bikes.
    Your cousin Chris.

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