Quora and the Motivations behind its Top Writers Program

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  1. I think the somewhat randomness of it all, and the surprise makes it more engaging than ‘elite’ personally. I’ve read a lot of out-cry over the previous two days, about it creating some kind of niche elitism. Overall, without a ‘set-in-stone-criteria’ or particular ‘end-date’ in mind, no ‘voting system’ in place, they can make the reward a surprising treat at random. It hasn’t really changed my involvement on Quora…
    However, I hope they don’t get too entrenched in some kind of ‘annual traditional’ and every October 30th from now on, they’ll announce the top-writers of the last year. There is something magical about not knowing about the program or a possible reward and intrinsically wanting to write good content regardless.
    I don’t know about you, but it was a surprise for me, and that was the cool part.

    1. Yea, it was a surprise for me too. That said, it’s easy to be appreciative when you’re in the program, but its creation does split the community and I’m always curious about both sides. I’m guessing that how they manage the program from here on out will change before the next year comes around, and that they’ll learn from our current reactions and interactions.

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