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Review: Invisible Planets

Posted in Reading

The Three-Body Problem was a fun series. Granted, it won numerous awards, so the quality of the writing and plot points weren’t going in be in question, but I had enjoyed that specific take on …

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Hooked on Picross

Posted in Games

I just discovered Picross. Also known as nonograms, they’re these puzzles that involve filling out 2D—and sometimes, 3D—grids. Clues to which areas are to be filled are listed down the sides of the 2D/3D grid …

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Trying out the Opera Neon

Posted in Apps, Front-End

Remember when having multiple browsers was a requirement for desktop computing? Most users should be past that point. The default browsers for each operating system — Safari on macOS, Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer 10/11 for Windows, …

Building the Factory that Builds the Widgets

Posted in Management

I just spent 40 minutes listening to a trio of software engineers speculate on the motivations of an executive jumping from Apple to Tesla. And while the ATP podcast spends an inordinate amount of time …

Not Everything has to be Minimalistic

Posted in Rant

CES is wrapped up this past week, and as usual there’s plenty of computer hardware manufacturers showing off their latest gadgets and computers and new hardware. Most will gradually make it to full-fledged production, but …

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Personal Computers as a Niche

Posted in Computing, Hardware

I’m typing this post from a new MacBook Pro 13”, recently upgraded from my aging behemoth of a laptop, a discontinued 17” MacBook Pro that has eschewed retina screens and portable form factors for half …

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Breaking Down Team Organization

Posted in Management, Work

Steven Sinofsky — former Microsoft Windows executive, now a16z board partner — wrote a really in-depth article about organizing teams within companies: Functional versus Unit Organizations For the uninitiated, functional organization is grouping people by …