Building the Factory that Builds the Widgets

Posted in Management

I just spent 40 minutes listening to a trio of software engineers speculate on the motivations of an executive jumping from Apple to Tesla. And while the ATP podcast spends an inordinate amount of time …

Not Everything has to be Minimalistic

Posted in Rant

CES is wrapped up this past week, and as usual there’s plenty of computer hardware manufacturers showing off their latest gadgets and computers and new hardware. Most will gradually make it to full-fledged production, but …

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Personal Computers as a Niche

Posted in Computing, Hardware

I’m typing this post from a new MacBook Pro 13”, recently upgraded from my aging behemoth of a laptop, a discontinued 17” MacBook Pro that has eschewed retina screens and portable form factors for half …

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Breaking Down Team Organization

Posted in Management, Work

Steven Sinofsky — former Microsoft Windows executive, now a16z board partner — wrote a really in-depth article about organizing teams within companies: Functional versus Unit Organizations For the uninitiated, functional organization is grouping people by …

How to Find a Good Manager

Posted in Management, Work

Recently, I was talking with a colleague at work who was about to leave the company, and they were asking me for any tips to take with them to their new job. In my head, …

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Finally the PC as a Gaming Console

Posted in Games

Recently, I got excited and bought an custom Xbox One controller, courtesy of the Xbox Design Lab. In this case, “custom” really just means being able to select a color scheme for its various parts, …

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An Era Hostile to Innovation

Posted in Technology

140 characters instead of flying cars. Peter Thiel quipped this back in 2011, succinctly and pointedly describing the state of technological progress in the 21st century. It’s damning our modern tendencies to seek incremental improvements …

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The Demise of Lyve

Posted in Hardware, Services

Guess I called it. I just got the email last week that Lyve is shutting down. It started as a somewhat unique proposition around owning your own storage and interface around photos, which eventually had …