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Review: The Dark Forest

Posted in Reading

The Dark Forest is the second book in the sci-fi trilogy The Three Body Problem. I had previously reviewed the first book, so skip this post if you don’t want to be spoiled, or at …

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A Weighted Decision List

Posted in Thoughts

Sometimes I’m analytical to a fault. Take the traditional pros-cons list. I like the idea, in that listing out the goods and bads of a singular item should make for a more quantified, analytical position. …

Cross-Posting to Medium

Posted in Blog

I’ve enabled the new WordPress plugin that cross-posts my blog to my Medium profile. It’s my latest attempt to advance my understanding of online publishing and the economics of writing. Previously, I had tried to …

Geolocated Breadcrumbs

Posted in Computing, Services

There’s an under-appreciated feature in iOS9 that reports on the amount of battery used by app over the last week or so. Casually browsing the list one evening, I noticed that the Moves app – …

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How Long Will we Keep Typing?

Posted in Computing, Technology

I’ve been playing through an old PC game – The Typing of the Dead: Overkill. It takes one of the campiest light-gun shooters (featuring zombies), and replaces shooting with the Wii-mote with typing out phrases …

The Pixel Block Mobile Arcade Game

Posted in Games

Remember Crossy Road? It was a game that came at the right time, that executed well on a simple idea and had a great sense of style to back up solid, time-tested gameplay. Of course, …

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Not Everyone wants to Work for Equity

Posted in Work

Amidst all the hoopla about iOS9’s content blocking feature and how mobile ad-blocking will ruin journalism forever, I discovered an old article by Marc Andreessen on his optimistic future of news. I was struck by …