At the Mercy of Platforms

Posted in Startups

When and how do you move off of someone else’s platform? I read a few articles recently that espoused the idea of small startups focusing on doing just one thing well, and not owning the …

Building on Experience in an Engineering Career

Posted in Work

The current Citi logo was first created and presented as a sketch on a napkin. In this case, instead being being just a Know Where Man parable, it was a true story from the design …

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Design Thinking Patterns

Posted in Web Design

This is a remarkable observation about how the evolution of web design has parallels in architecture: The Future of Web Design is Hidden in the History of Architecture It’s not just that the thinking around …

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The Gap Bridged by Dev Bootcamps

Posted in Computing, Learning

I’m sad, but not surprised, that some students found the CS classes at my alma mater intimidating: She graduated in 2012 from the University of California at Berkeley, which has a top-ranked computer-science program, but …

The Abundance and Half-Life of Code

Posted in Engineering, Work

We live in the age of Code Abundance. It’s never been easier to write, run, and subsequently share a piece of code. The whole Github + software eating the world phenomenon of the past 5 …

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The Modularization of Microsoft

Posted in Mobile, Technology

All the interesting news coming out of Microsoft from their Build conference revolves around interoperation. Across desktop and mobile, they’re courting developers with initiatives – Visual Studio in OS X, Android apps running in Windows, …

Why Unicorns Exist

Posted in Startups

I just listened to an excellent, thought-provoking conversation hosted by the a16z podcast on Venture Capital and unicorn private companies: Good Bubbles, Bad Bubbles – and Where Unicorns Come from It’s worth listening to the …

Not Being Kind

Posted in Thoughts

I shared this awesome blog post by Andrew Bosworth (early Facebook employee, now a VP there) on Twitter: Be Kind The message to resonated with a lot of folks, and I was impressed by the …

The 10x Manager

Posted in Engineering, Management

I threw this out on Twitter: Despite how it sounds, I wasn’t being flippant, but it is a succinct way to think about management, particularly how managers impact their teams and the company at large. …