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This is a remarkable observation about how the evolution of web design has parallels in architecture:

The Future of Web Design is Hidden in the History of Architecture

It’s not just that the thinking around design is shown to have the same ebbs and flows; the remarkable aspect is how much more truncated the timelines are around web design trends. Divorced from the need to spend years to construct physical buildings as manifestations of architectural thinking, software aesthetics and interface design can be codified and iterated upon much faster.

Two more thoughts:

  1. If software has sped up the pace of design iteration, what tools and platforms can we continue to build to allow this process to evolve even faster? What’s the natural limit of design evolution, when the pace of change butts up against actual human needs in familiarization and usability?
  2. The author estimates that by the early 2020s, we’ll have exhausted the parallelism that maps software design to the eras of architecture. Assuming that software does continue to move forward, how can it turn around and influence other areas of design?
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