The Demise of Lyve

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  1. Things might change in the future, Google starts to charing and most people don’t pay for cloud storage, they use free service, and privacy is also another concern and people are considering other options, and I believe most people keep local copy as well for those valuable assets, but most of them are still using hard drive connect with wire, just like what did 10 years ago. Edge computing, IoT device, single board computers are more powerful and less expensive, there should be possible to have a hybrid solution that brings the easy use of cloud but keep the storage/traffic at the edge, and this is more reasonable from technical perspective, and also cost efficient, and keep privacy, win-win.

  2. Actually I google “Lyve discontinued” and find the blog here, currently developing a similar product, meet a investor before and he told me there was a team from Apple made similar product before and they failed, he don’t know why, and he can’t remember the name. I just found that it’s “Lyve” recently when browsing similar products on “Product Hunt”. I’m trying to find why the product fails.

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