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The Company Guessing Game

Raise your hand if you’ve ever received mysterious emails or LinkedIn messages that resemble this:

We’re looking for awesome [engineers / designers / product managers] to join our totally awesome team in [major tech hub]! We need you to help us build the next-generation of [software category], with massive potential for disruption across the [aforementioned category] space! The team already has [ex-big company hires], with [more ex-company connections], and they’re backed by [brand-name venture capital firms].

When can I book you for an interview?

To recap – lots of hype, associations with popular entities, and light on the actual company business, technology, or even name. I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t get annoyed by this tactic.

What irks me is how little this type of broadcast recruiting adds to the hiring process. These recruiters are just withholding the name of the company; their value add is literally a Google search and a career website. It’s amazing that these occupational matchmakers – given their lack of sophistication in building meaningful connections – expect substantial commissions for their (minuscule) troubles.

Though it does make recruiters who can do their jobs look much better in comparison.

By allen
allenc allencheung