Somebody Else’s Crappy Code

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  1. Well said. Engineers love to vilify one another. Trying to balance design/implementation time/elegance vs moving as fast as possible is an inherent part of a lot of startups. I’ve come to my own personal conclusion that having debt is ok but it must be managed/revisited.
    Also, I make a rule to try and avoid debt in critical aspects of the system as much as possible which I think goes without saying.

  2. I’ve come to the conclusion that we’re paid to work in crappy bad environments (or perhaps a blank slate environment). If some model nicely fits, most likely the change would be small and easy and wouldn’t need your expertise. It’s not ratio of good code lines to bad code lines, but it’s the ratio of time spent in crappy environment vs time spent in blissful environment. Statistically, we’re more likely to end up spending most our time in some crappy environment by the simple fact the same work takes longer. The stretched analogy is that plumbers aren’t paid to extend pristine piping as often as they wish they could be, but are paid very well when shit is already spewing all over the place.

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