HTML5 Madness

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  1. I had to edit your CSS and set font to something more sane than “Cantarell”, remove the background image, deactivate font shadow, tone down the font/bg-contrast and increase font size to be able to read this blog..
    I agree with most of what you are saying. It’s nice to see Chrome and the other spearhead browsers keep on implementing new exciting API’s, but I probably won’t be using them for atlest a few years and I kind of hope 75% of them are deprecated by then and the good and time proven still alive. It’s too bad the browsers don’t remove a feature for each fifth or so they add.

  2. Is a markup language for structuring and linking documents an appropriate foundation for building applications? It’s a kludge.

  3. There’s definitively something very creepy going on. HTML as it is and as it is being pushed so relentlessly are two complete different things. It seems as if this whole open-standard thing has become a joke that’s been repeated too often and it’s damaging the web. As a fact, Internet today is driven by crude and bloated extension-languages that were never intended to carry out the growing demands to begin with, hence the hacks, conditions, browserchecks and proprietary CSS. As a result the web is static and ugly. Facebook, Youtube and Google, etc. have less interaction and feel than ASCII-based window-managers in DOS days. How does HTML5 really change that? Videotag, Canvas and crude file-access? If we were still in the 90s, that would indeed be cool, but it’s 2011 and it’s downright silly. As i see it, the only proprietary Plugin that really is obsolete is the browser itself and with it all the ugly languages that it hopelessly tries to understand. There are new languages out there made for rich content and lightyears ahead of what good old 80s technology HTML will ever deliver, XAML for instance. Unfortunately it’s not gonna happen, Internet is going to look shitty for yet another decade because people found a new parole that’s easier to chant in choir than manifested, “open standards.” yeah right – just recently i headed my fancypants HTML5-capable browser to Youtube wanting to behold the awesomeness that is tag-video, just to find out my vendor implements rather peculiar codec-choices – well, old story, back to silly old flash, at least it conforms to a standard that actually works in reality.

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