I Don’t Want to be a Manager

Posted in Learning, Management

“I don’t want to be a manager” is always a sad line to hear from software engineers. Granted, I have a conflict of interest: I’ve chosen this line of work as my profession for the …

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The Cruel Startup Job Market

Posted in Rant, Startups

It starts innocently enough with a Ben Thompson tweet: Hiring is probably the single largest arbitrage opportunity available. Letting degrees/admissions committees make choices for you is dumb. https://t.co/Xis3JWGqH7 — Ben Thompson (@benthompson) July 21, 2017 …

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Review: Stories of your Life and Others

Posted in Reading

After watching the excellent Arrival, I was compelled to find and devour the short story that inspired the plot in that movie. This is a persistent habit of mine, seeking out source materials that inspire …

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Shadow of the Colossus

Posted in Games, Reading

Shadow of the Colossus was a PlayStation 2 game released in 2005 about a hero tasked with the seemingly impossible mission of defeating giant colossi, in order to revive a comatose companion. It was a …

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Review: The Upstarts

Posted in Reading, Startups

The Upstarts: How Uber, Airbnb, and the Killer Companies of the New Silicon Valley are Changing the World is a journalist’s take on how Uber and Airbnb came to exist. These two startups are two …

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Revisiting the Square IPO

Posted in Finance, Startups

Unicorns are overvalued.The general trend was obvious for a while: the emergence a glut of companies just clearing the $1 billion valuation mark with special conditions, funds downgrading or writing off their private company shares, and …

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Review: Arkwright

Posted in Reading

I’ve been on a sci-fi reading binge lately, and between the likes of Seveneves and the Three-Body Problem trilogy, I’ve had a good dosage of high-flying, civilization-wide stories that tickles the imagination. From that context, …

Educational Tradeoff

Posted in Thoughts

My new favorite podcast is Exponent, a podcast hosted by business analyst types Ben Thompson and James Allworth. They tend to talk a lot about the tech industry and its movements, but often provide subtle …