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Software as a Core Competency

Posted in Technology

Techies like writing about Tesla. Beyond the perhaps oversimplified comparisons to Apple, the company also feels like it’s a disruptive force, one taking on the old establishment of major car companies and their dealership cartels. …

Friendship Available for Rent

Posted in Social

I came across an interesting article on a few lesser known social services in Japan: The Incredibly True Story of Renting a Friend in Tokyo On the surface, it sounds and feels like another “Japanese …

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Accelerated Mobile Pages

Posted in Blog, Mobile

On my to-do list, under the “software” category, there was an item on enabling Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) on this blog. I figured it’d take some research plus a bit of coding and styling, seeing …

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Data Sync Not Invented Here

Posted in Apps, Engineering

You’d think that data syncing is a solved problem for applications. Dropbox has been around for close to 10 years, and they came up with a product model — a local folder whose files (usually) …

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Evernote → OneNote

Posted in Apps, Services

Late last year, I was investigating whether to migrate over from Evernote to OneNote. I had been an Evernote user for years, but recent questions on the health of the company have prompted me to …