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Another Year, Another iPhone

Posted in Mobile

Some hold this ritual annually; I manage to only do it every other year. Around midnight on a September evening, a mob of folks huddle around a handful of websites to try to get their …

Review: Covered Calls Made Easy

Posted in Finance, Reading

A good friend of mine recommended this light reader a couple of weeks ago: Covered Calls Made Easy: Generate Monthly Cash Flow by Selling Options It’s a fairly short book, written and published recently, about …

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Review: The Inevitable

Posted in Reading, Technology

Wired launched in 1993. It was a magazine and a website which came about just as modern computing had started to make a difference beyond academia and into everyday life: computers were small and cheap …

Donald Trump and the Job Interview Gambit

Posted in Interview

I ran across this tweet a couple weeks back, on Donald Trump’s platform as he accepted the Republication party’s nomination for the presidency: It reminded me of a job interview tactic I read about years …

Returning from a Blogging Hiatus

Posted in Blog

I’m typing this while glancing at my almost exactly, down-to-the-hour 4-week old daughter, as her older brother sleeps a room down with their mother. In the months leading up to this predicament, I’ve received plenty …

Review: Fearless Salary Negotiation

Posted in Reading, Work

America loves itself some self-help and self-improvement. Whether it comes in the form of endless LinkedIn Pulse posts, self-help (and self-promoting) articles on Medium, or the vast industry of self-help books, we are all suckers …