A Random Walk Down Wall Street

Random Walk is the classic investment tome. I have been meaning to get through it for a while now, but I’ve only recently had a chance to read through its timeless advice. I guess I really shouldn’t have been surprised, but the payoff was much more…mundane than I had expected. The classic work provides the […]


Selectively Implementing the Web

Underlines are a big deal to Medium. Reading this post harkens me back to the days when IE hacks roamed the earth and web developers spent cumulative millennia discovering and implementing ridiculous patterns in code to take advantage of bugs in browsers’ rendering engines. For those who didn’t live through the dark ages of web […]

Games as a Service

MMORPGs introduced the concept of games as a service almost two decades ago. It was and remains a straight-forward idea: pay $x/month, and we’ll run the servers that enable the online game to function as well as put some programmers and artists and designers to keep the game fresh by updating content in the game […]

Humanizing Teams

On an episode on the Accidental Tech Podcast about “Software Methodologies”, it was enlightening to hear the conversation on waterfall versus agile development practices[1] from someone who really doesn’t see the need to implement project management because he’s worked alone for the past few years. Nothing beats the operational efficiency of one software developer, though […]

Peak Mobile Gaming

It’s been a couple of eventful weeks for mobile gaming, with some notable releases and twists and turns. In order of completely subjective industry importance: Threes! was released in the App Store. A well-polished, simple but addictive puzzler that everybody likes, which reminds me a bit of the fervor around Dots. Square got around to […]

Make Writing Good Better

The Hemingway app has one job: strike out all the various superfluous, unnecessarily complicated, and verbose prose from a piece of writing. The appeal of using an algorithm-as-an-editor certainly caught the attention of blogs and media outlets, even as its success threatens to make yet another newspaper job redundant. Readability – both in terms of […]

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Quick Blog Design Update

I have a problem. I get bored/tired of how this blog looks. Given the time I spend every week writing and editing and posting, I overthink how impactful it makes its first (visual) impression. Compounded by the speed of design, my familiarity of front-end web development, and my own lack of design prowess, and the […]