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Checking Emails on Vacation

Posted in Thoughts, Work

Common advice for people going on vacation is to just don’t do it. Seeing that most workers have a lot of trouble unplugging from work as it is, keeping the email app closed is one …

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Simple, Accessible Notes

Posted in Apps, Work

Taking notes on a computer should be the most basic of functionalities: throw up a window that can accept text input, and save the text to a file. Optionally, sync these notes to the cloud, …

Using Disruption Precisely

Posted in Learning, Startups

This is yet another awesome a16z podcast: Holy Non Sequiturs, Batman! — What Disruption Theory Is … and Isn’t Basically, one of the consultants that actually studied the original theory of disruption is clarifying exactly …

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Review: The Dark Forest

Posted in Reading

The Dark Forest is the second book in the sci-fi trilogy The Three Body Problem. I had previously reviewed the first book, so skip this post if you don’t want to be spoiled, or at …

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A Weighted Decision List

Posted in Thoughts

Sometimes I’m analytical to a fault. Take the traditional pros-cons list. I like the idea, in that listing out the goods and bads of a singular item should make for a more quantified, analytical position. …