The Dying Web

The web is dying? Of course it’s dying. The author of this opinion piece isn’t the first to point out that it seems like mobile apps are taking up a ton of time and attention away from “the web”, defined as the traditional and boring websites that are frequented via a “web” browser. Mobile apps […]


Review: The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August

It can be hard to write impressions about a book without spoiling its plot, especially when the novel is primarily a mystery or suspense story. Fortunately, The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August wears its plot device proudly on the cover. As you’d guess, The First Fifteen Lives features a protagonist by the handle Harry […]

Startup Stock Photos

When Feedback Loops Disappear in Management

Early on in my engineering management (EM) career, I went around asking other, more experienced EMs for advice. They were happy to oblige, giving me way more than I could have absorbed at the time, while leaving enough unsaid so that I’d still make – and hopefully learn from – beginner mistakes. Some lessons are […]


Review: The Martian

The Martian is a fun little piece of science fiction. The setting is on the red planet, some decades in the future[1], with an astronaut stranded on the surface while the rest of his team aborts and starts on the long journey back to earth. He has to survive long enough to perhaps be picked […]


The Many Options in Storing and Enjoying Photos

Smartphones have made photos impulsive. What used to be an activity that required careful curation of moments has been made so convenient that our current problem is finding ways to store and sync our albums. Whether the value of each individual photo has decreased with volume, the increased accessibility of simply more collections has made photo […]


Review: The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets

The Simpsons have been around for an amazing 26-season – and counting – run on television. Like others in their 30s, I have fond memories many of its early classic episodes, and even some of the latter ones post-Simpsons movie. I no longer keep up with the latest seasons, but I’m still amazed at how […]


Slack and Email and the Lowest Common Denominator

a16z is a well-known venture capital firm in the valley. I recently discovered that they produce a weekly podcast, and after a few episodes, have been impressed with the range of topics they’re covering. While they have some obvious bias and promotion towards their own portfolio companies, they make an honest effort to talk with […]


When to Not Use a JavaScript Framework

I’ve been an advocate of JavaScript client-side frameworks for some time. Their true value is in managing complexity: as an application grows more complex and incorporates more functionality, frameworks provide a level of guidance and consistency across the codebase. They enforce the right abstractions, encapsulate reusable and generalizable components, which ultimately serve to keep the […]


Review: The Science of Interstellar

I enjoyed Interstellar. Despite a few plot holes and questionable motives in the overall story, I was impressed by the grand spectacle of space, mixed with the relatable human elements embodied by its main characters. The film does an excellent job in reminding us that great stories are about people. The Science of Interstellar is […]

Skimming More and Reading Less

I’m used to reading a fair amount. Back in grade school, I carried these giant fantasy novels around the house, and re-read the series on a regular basis. When my family got AOL, I was regularly lurking on a number of the forums, across any number of topics spanning video games and religion and (surprisingly) […]


Review: The Startup of You

The Startup of You is all about mapping the strategies and tactics that make startups – in theory – successful, and apply them to careers. The central tenets revolve around taking moderate amounts of risk, having backup plans, and not being afraid of hard work. Put together, they combine to form a playbook that aspires […]