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Hi! My name is Allen Cheung.

I’m currently a director of software engineering, having transitioned into management from technical lead and engineering roles in the past. I like to mentor and help others grow within our developer community. If that sounds interesting and potentially helpful, ping me!


I have well over a decade of experience working within the software industry in the San Francisco Bay Area. Before getting into management, I focused my technical software skills on web development, particularly complex, single-page web applications.

I’ve worked for small startups that no longer exist, giant corporations like Google, and a startup that eventually turned into a public company in Square. I’ve dabbled in biotechnology via a startup called Counsyl. Currently, I’m working to improve financial products for consumers at Affirm.


I have two adorable children and a wife that keep me plenty busy outside of work. When I do get some time to myself, I like to get in a few hours of video games and books, as well as contribute to this blog.

I’ve been known to geek out over the most random of topics.

Archeological was started back in 2011, initially as a complement to my resume so I could build out my career. It has since evolved to be a simple repository of my weekly reactions and thoughts. I like to write about the books I’ve read, my philosophies on management and software development, and more disparate topics ranging from video games to technology to housing.

This version of the site is built off of WordPress and my customization of the Typology theme. It is hosted on Siteground. I use Typora as the primary text editor for my blog posts.



allenc allencheung