Obsessing over Apple Watch Bands

What is it about Apple products that have people discussing the most mundane details? How much discussion do watch bands – though admittedly expensive – really warrant?

The question is at best rhetorical. Apple is an absolute machine when it comes to generating hype for their product launches, and a big part of that system is inviting customers to talk about every aspect of those new products. Starting with excitement around their admittedly fantastic hardware, and even when sometimes it’s not all that fantastic.

That’s the thing: the marketing and branding that the company employs has easily outpaced the quality of its products. Regardless of whether praise is deserved or not, Apple gets its undue amount of attention either way, whether in the form of reviews or launch day lines or breathless podcasts and blog posts or just everyday watercooler chatter.

No one else can quite establish the same amount of reverence, and at least that part I can appreciate.

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