Outsized Credit for Tangential Association

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      1. Well your main points are much more timely now Allen.
        The GameMaker community is plagued by bad programming practices.
        Is it okay for me to share your good programming guide?
        And also if you don’t mind I have a question for you.
        But what is the blog contact email address for me to write you at?
        There usually is one but I am unable to find it here.
        This article of yours points to that big unresolvable contradiction in our totally connected world where everybody gets a say be it true or false or in between and nobody is ultimately held accountable for anything said.
        It all brings to mind what Confucius said.
        Some translate this to mean “You may rob the Three Armies of their commander-in-chief, but you cannot deprive the humblest peasant of his opinion.”
        I am just a humble video game maker so reading what a decent and important tech maker such as yourself says redoubles my determination to just tune out these damned pundits who can only be counted only for one thing and that is their ongoing striving toward doing and saying not much of anything and the unhappiness that that brings them whilst I happily make things and build things and create things that bring a few good people nearer to me in friendship.

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