Technical Blogger’s Block

Well, it’s been a month since I’ve had a chance to write here. As cliche as it sounds, family life plus a healthy heaping of work has made it a lot more challenging to keep my weekly posting schedule.

But if I’m going to be honest, a big part has been that it’s been hard to find interesting, technically relevant (kinda) topics to write about consistently. Being slammed with work tends to have that effect– the immediately relevant, work-related stuff takes precedence over others’ distant problems1.

In my case though, I’ve exacerbated the drought by shifting to an engineering manager role and reducing my actual coding time. I still draw from years of coding experience in the software industry, but management comes with its own set of challenges and I’d be lying if I thought I could post anything insightful within a few months of moving into the new job.

Topicality aside, I’ve found the Day One journaling app to be helpful in keeping my goal of writing regularly, even if it’s more a more constrained audience. Journals aren’t for everybody, but I’ve found them to be a valuable outlet.

Hoping to get back on schedule next week.

  1. And in our line of work, problem descriptions often come with premature and anecdotal solutions that make it to the front page of some social news aggregator.

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