More Than 12 Weeks and More Than a CS Degree

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  1. I disagree. I’m graduating this Friday (CS from Virginia Tech) and we did not learn any modern framework in school. I did that on my own. Yesterday, I just submitted my operating system which I built this year. Now that’s not modern, and requires extensive knowledge in C and CS fundamentals.

    1. Two questions:
      – How many new grads build OSs in their spare time?
      – Why build your own operating system? How does a new operating system built only in a year a better alternative than what we have currently?

      1. – It wasn’t in my spare time. It was a class. I took three consecutive OS classes (so spent a year and a half).
        – Educational purposes? Submitted. Meaning, submitted for the class. You’re complaining grads have no CS fundamentals. I’m showing you that there are grads out there who can build OSs, hence, strong in CS fundamentals.

          1. Agreed. But that’s why they join in junior developer positions. I learned more during my internships that in school about software development. A good company can pick out eager and motivated grads who’ve had some experience (but not enough) who can become great at production software development in a short timespan.
            I see you work at Square. I was there a few months ago actually. You guys do it better than others, but still not quite I believe. But again, you probably receive hundreds of applications (I believe I was selected out of 200 people – they picked 8) so it’s tough.

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