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  1. I never use an IDE for web development either – I use a text editor. The one that I have been using for more than a decade now is EmEditor. It’s probably the best editor out there – never crashes and can open files that are several GBs in size.

  2. I do have a doubt, about the no-IDE need. While it is quite clear that Eclipse doesn’t have nearly the same usefulness for Javascript as it has for Java, i do find its resource (file, strings, etc) search inside the project a life saver. I wouldn’t really know how to have the same functionality neither in MaxOSX, nor in Windows. OS tools do not provide the same quick searching Eclipse does.
    So, as you have written you have worked in a large project (where a large number of files are bound to exist), i have to ask…how did you manage that aspect of your projects?
    Thank you.

    1. Pretty much all text editors have a “find file…” or “find string in project…” function. For example, Sublime Text allows you to open a file with Ctrl-T, or find in project with Ctrl-Shift-F. Alternatively, there are apps like PeepOpen (https://peepcode.com/products/peepopen) whose job is to index files so they’re easily searchable.
      I just find Eclipse to be slow and ugly for anything non-Java, so I tend to stay away from it. That said, there are forks off of Eclipse like Aptana (http://www.aptana.com/) that are customized for web development, so those are worth a look if you really want that IDE-level editing help.

      1. Hi!
        Thanks a lot, i must say i love Eclipse. I’ve been loving it from many many years now.
        I’ve been looking the aptana ide, and it does look quite nice, i’ll be sure to try it for my next web project.

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