The Care and Feeding of your Front End Development Team

At the start of the year, I highlighted what I thought was the formula for getting and developing front-end engineers. To summarize, it’s a combination of: identifying the right traits, cross-pollinating developers from disparate disciplines, and attracting talent by producing awesome work.

I forgot to mention that the ideas were a work in progress.

Six months later, I can come back and verify that I wasn’t just spewing theory for pageviews, but that we’ve been able to build an awesome front-end development team at Square. I think we’ve hit on all points above: we’ve been able to identify engineers with the appropriate skillset and put them into roles of impact; we’ve been able to onboard new engineers who didn’t start with FE expertise but were able to quickly learn and develop; we have been able to execute and build cool products. Going from one front-end dev to almost a dozen in less than a year is nothing short of awesome.

Some additional observations and addendum for those looking to build their own teams:

Of course, if you’ve read this far and are totally psyched about working in such an environment, feel free to drop me a line or go Square’s job pages for Front-end or Javascript developers.