Right Talent for the Job

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  1. I am that Microsoft employee you mentioned. I was not trying to say that by getting a job at Microsoft that I deserved a job anywhere else. I had not worked for Microsoft when I was looking.
    I was trying to point out that my Microsoft offer meant I must be reasonably qualified (at least qualified enough to be CONSIDERED for a job most places). I would like to point out that I was not only turned down/ignored by companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook, I was turned down by a different Microsoft department.
    Lots of companies use terrible phone screens to filter potential employees and I was trying to point out that those phone screens don’t really help find better employees.
    Sure, maybe I wouldn’t be a good fit for some of these companies, but I don’t see how they could have known that based on a 30 minute technical phone interview. I certainly couldn’t get a feel for their culture so I don’t know how they could tell if I would fit in.

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