Don’t Build for a Bubble

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  1. Good thoughts. Thinking more about talent acquisitions: I’m curious if they’re a short-lived phenomenon or if they’re here to stay… and if the latter, what kinds of effects this will have on the tech economy in general. 
    For example, a better worst-case outcome of starting a company (perceived or actual) should lead to a higher number of early-stage startups, which makes it harder for companies that actually have traction to hire talent and creates some interesting dynamics in early-stage financing. 
    And… that’s kinda what’s happening right now. I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but I’m very curious to see what things look like in a few years.

    1. I gotta think that small startups will only continue to form as long as there is still enough early-stage investment, and that’d only happen if enough of them become homeruns. 
      There’s been a shift in the rhetoric the past…6 months or so, from people calling things a bubble to people saying tech. is the hot thing lifting us out of a depression, and the concerning part is that startups are leaning back to optimizing for users instead of revenue.
      Right now anybody with a two-bit idea can go and get *some* funding, regardless of whether they can actually execute on anything. Maybe when the optimism fades, those who remain are really going to be the talented ones and be worth the cost of acquisition.

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