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I’m deathly afraid of carpal tunnel.

The computer industry doesn’t pay enough attention to this injury or ergonomic issues associated with computer usage. Craning a neck down to read a cramped laptop screen while typing on a flat keyboard is the norm, and while that satisfies a minimalist aethestic, it induces unnecessary and eventually painful joint and posture stress.

I’ve known people whose careers have been affected by CT, and so I’ve decided to spend more money than most to fight off the symptoms: wrist pads, monitor arms, and laptop stands are inexpensive starting tools[1]. Dvorak and lighter keyboard tapping are additional behavioral changes which also have a side effect of increasing efficiency as well.

Next up may be a pair of wrist supports. What’s a little fashion faux pas when career livelihood is on the line?

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  1. Adjustable-height desks and ergonomic chairs are next, but quality ones are considerably more expensive.
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