Returning from a Blogging Hiatus

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I’m typing this while glancing at my almost exactly, down-to-the-hour 4-week old daughter, as her older brother sleeps a room down with their mother. In the months leading up to this predicament, I’ve received plenty …

Review: Fearless Salary Negotiation

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America loves itself some self-help and self-improvement. Whether it comes in the form of endless LinkedIn Pulse posts, self-help (and self-promoting) articles on Medium, or the vast industry of self-help books, we are all suckers …

Google Photos has Won

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A year ago, I was trying to use a handful of services manage my private photos collection. Each service had its plusses and minuses, but since most were cheap and/or free, the right strategy was …

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The Greener Grass on the Management Side

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In modern tech companies, there’s a dual career ladder structure for software engineers: they can either progress more technologically (as senior and lead engineers) or advance on the management side (as engineering managers and directors). …

How Culture Matters

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I really like this quote from Organizational Culture and Leadership by Edgar Schein, courtesy of this article from Stratechery contrasting cultures from familiar tech companies: If one wishes to distinguish leadership from management or administration, …

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Passive Loot Games

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I’ve been checking out Tom Clancy’s The Division for the past week or two. It’s a third-person shooter, set in a post-virus-infected Manhattan, where the primary conflict is sleeper government agents versus extremely organized looters. …