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Breaking Down Team Organization

Posted in Management, Work

Steven Sinofsky — former Microsoft Windows executive, now a16z board partner — wrote a really in-depth article about organizing teams within companies: Functional versus Unit Organizations For the uninitiated, functional organization is grouping people by …

How to Find a Good Manager

Posted in Management, Work

Recently, I was talking with a colleague at work who was about to leave the company, and they were asking me for any tips to take with them to their new job. In my head, …

Review: Fearless Salary Negotiation

Posted in Reading, Work

America loves itself some self-help and self-improvement. Whether it comes in the form of endless LinkedIn Pulse posts, self-help (and self-promoting) articles on Medium, or the vast industry of self-help books, we are all suckers …

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The Greener Grass on the Management Side

Posted in Management, Work

In modern tech companies, there’s a dual career ladder structure for software engineers: they can either progress more technologically (as senior and lead engineers) or advance on the management side (as engineering managers and directors). …

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The Cafe Workspace

Posted in Places, Work

Our team just had an offsite brainstorming meeting at the Workshop Cafe in the heart of the financial district in San Francisco. It is this neat little coffee shop attached to a spacious co-working space, …

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Prescriptive vs. Descriptive Promotions

Posted in Learning, Work

There are two schools of thought on how promotions should work. They can be summarized as prescriptive and descriptive: Prescriptive promotions are given to folks that have worked hard and deserve recognition. They come with …

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Checking Emails on Vacation

Posted in Thoughts, Work

Common advice for people going on vacation is to just don’t do it. Seeing that most workers have a lot of trouble unplugging from work as it is, keeping the email app closed is one …

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Simple, Accessible Notes

Posted in Apps, Work

Taking notes on a computer should be the most basic of functionalities: throw up a window that can accept text input, and save the text to a file. Optionally, sync these notes to the cloud, …