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Cards in Computing Interfaces

Posted in Games, Web Design

We relegated skeuomorphism to yesterday’s design fashion. It’s a tool that was supposed to be largely unnecessary, now that users fully understand purely digital interfaces. The remaining use case for realistic analogies in computing is …

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A Fresh Coat of Paint

Posted in Blog, Web Design

It took staying up till about 3 am last night to push through the final tweaks I wanted to make to the About page before considering this version code complete. It took another handful of …

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Design Thinking Patterns

Posted in Web Design

This is a remarkable observation about how the evolution of web design has parallels in architecture: The Future of Web Design is Hidden in the History of Architecture It’s not just that the thinking around …

Save #Longreads with Images and Video

Posted in Web Design

The proliferation of the link-bait blog listicles comes at the expense of more serious, long-form articles which used to be a staple of the (print) newspaper and magazine industries. Now that they are suffering a …

Designing for the 1%

Posted in Rant, Web Design

I guess it’s pretty common to come across software design whose main contribution is looking good in a screenshot or on a dribbble portfolio page. It’s a bit less common to find a design that …

Realizing the Limitations of Responsive Design

Posted in Mobile, Web Design

Responsive design! The One True Way(™), born from the humble media query, to restore principles of DRY for web development while allowing for optimized experiences on today’s myriad of devices. And it cures baldness. But …

Paying for Design

Posted in Apps, Web Design

App stores are pretty old news now. They’re easy repositories for developers to build small, usable – and in many cases, experimental – applications and make a few bucks selling them. It’s an awesome platform …