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A Bifurcation in Photography

Posted in Services, Technology

Parenting catalyzes photography. I had dabbled with point-and-shoot cameras in the past, but those devices offered little once smartphone cameras took good enough pictures for most. When the kids came along, the cliche that the …

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The Demise of Lyve

Posted in Hardware, Services

Guess I called it. I just got the email last week that Lyve is shutting down. It started as a somewhat unique proposition around owning your own storage and interface around photos, which eventually had …

Google Photos has Won

Posted in Services

A year ago, I was trying to use a handful of services manage my private photos collection. Each service had its plusses and minuses, but since most were cheap and/or free, the right strategy was …

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Evernote → OneNote

Posted in Apps, Services

Late last year, I was investigating whether to migrate over from Evernote to OneNote. I had been an Evernote user for years, but recent questions on the health of the company have prompted me to …

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Controlling Data in the Cloud

Posted in Services

I’ve been using the Day One app for a while now to keep a personal diary. The frequency comes and goes, but I’ve kept at it often enough, ever since our son was born, that …

Geolocated Breadcrumbs

Posted in Computing, Services

There’s an under-appreciated feature in iOS9 that reports on the amount of battery used by app over the last week or so. Casually browsing the list one evening, I noticed that the Moves app – …

The End of Standardized Readability

Posted in Apps, Services

It started with Instapaper. The idea was to boost efficiency by employing the batching technique to article consumption, particularly mid- to long-form journalism found online. Saving an article for later separates the act of browsing …

Games as a Service

Posted in Games, Services

MMORPGs introduced the concept of games as a service almost two decades ago. It was and remains a straight-forward idea: pay $x/month, and we’ll run the servers that enable the online game to function as …