Review: Chaos Monkeys

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I picked up Chaos Monkeys curious about how it would portray the same Silicon Valley that I’ve been a part of for over a dozen years. In particular, one of the characters in the narrative—Gokul …

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Review: Invisible Planets

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The Three-Body Problem was a fun series. Granted, it won numerous awards, so the quality of the writing and plot points weren’t going in be in question, but I had enjoyed that specific take on …

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Review: Death’s End

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Death’s End is the last volume of the The Three Body Problem trilogy. Here are the reviews for the first and second book. Spoilers ahead, at least for those books. Well, that escalated quickly. I …

Review: Covered Calls Made Easy

Posted in Finance, Reading

A good friend of mine recommended this light reader a couple of weeks ago: Covered Calls Made Easy: Generate Monthly Cash Flow by Selling Options It’s a fairly short book, written and published recently, about …

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Review: The Inevitable

Posted in Reading, Technology

Wired launched in 1993. It was a magazine and a website which came about just as modern computing had started to make a difference beyond academia and into everyday life: computers were small and cheap …

Review: Fearless Salary Negotiation

Posted in Reading, Work

America loves itself some self-help and self-improvement. Whether it comes in the form of endless LinkedIn Pulse posts, self-help (and self-promoting) articles on Medium, or the vast industry of self-help books, we are all suckers …

Review: The Dip

Posted in Learning, Reading

I read The Dip by Seth Godin because it promised to be a short book on self-improvement. It’s supposed to teach its readers how to decide to follow through on a personal or professional project, …

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Review: Ready Player One

Posted in Games, Reading

This year is the year of virtual reality. All the headsets launching this year is creating a lot of excitement, but given the price points and the 1.0-nature of these launches, I’m not quite ready …

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Review: Seveneves

Posted in Reading

Seveneves would probably be better as a movie. Seveneves is the latest novel from Neal Stephenson, and it’s a story that starts with an unexplained event which causes the breakup of the moon, but quickly …