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Another Year, Another iPhone

Posted in Mobile

Some hold this ritual annually; I manage to only do it every other year. Around midnight on a September evening, a mob of folks huddle around a handful of websites to try to get their …

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Accelerated Mobile Pages

Posted in Blog, Mobile

On my to-do list, under the “software” category, there was an item on enabling Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) on this blog. I figured it’d take some research plus a bit of coding and styling, seeing …

Whether Mobile Products Monopolize

Posted in Apps, Mobile

I got in a brief discussion with the famous Startup L. Jackson on Twitter the other day. The thread started with a comment from me: We went a bit back and forth on the characteristics …

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The Modularization of Microsoft

Posted in Mobile, Technology

All the interesting news coming out of Microsoft from their Build conference revolves around interoperation. Across desktop and mobile, they’re courting developers with initiatives – Visual Studio in OS X, Android apps running in Windows, …

The Great App Cheapening

Posted in Apps, Mobile

During a fairly lonely drive to a friend’s gathering up in Tahoe a few weeks back, I was listening to ATP, and the hosts of the podcast were chatting about the newly announced iPhone 6 …

Peak Mobile Gaming

Posted in Games, Mobile

It’s been a couple of eventful weeks for mobile gaming, with some notable releases and twists and turns. In order of completely subjective industry importance: Threes! was released in the App Store. A well-polished, simple …