I Don’t Want to be a Manager

Posted in Learning, Management

“I don’t want to be a manager” is always a sad line to hear from software engineers. Granted, I have a conflict of interest: I’ve chosen this line of work as my profession for the …

Review: The Dip

Posted in Learning, Reading

I read The Dip by Seth Godin because it promised to be a short book on self-improvement. It’s supposed to teach its readers how to decide to follow through on a personal or professional project, …

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Prescriptive vs. Descriptive Promotions

Posted in Learning, Work

There are two schools of thought on how promotions should work. They can be summarized as prescriptive and descriptive: Prescriptive promotions are given to folks that have worked hard and deserve recognition. They come with …

Using Disruption Precisely

Posted in Learning, Startups

This is yet another awesome a16z podcast: Holy Non Sequiturs, Batman! — What Disruption Theory Is … and Isn’t Basically, one of the consultants that actually studied the original theory of disruption is clarifying exactly …

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Knowledge Rot

Posted in Learning

I just came across a fascinating observation on the nature of knowledge over time, how it rots and fades despite the rigorous recording, publishing, and indexing of information. This is a familiar story on a …