Hiring for Potential vs. Experience

Posted in Hiring, Management

I’m a people optimist. When it comes to building and managing a team, this optimism manifests itself in trusting people on the team to do ultimately do the right thing. It may take them a …

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Review: The Wandering Earth

Posted in Reading

Given that I wanted more epic short stories after going through Invisible Planets, Liu Cixin’s The Wandering Earth—his collection of classic science fiction short stories—seemed like a good bet on delivering grand scale in short(ish) …

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A Bifurcation in Photography

Posted in Services, Technology

Parenting catalyzes photography. I had dabbled with point-and-shoot cameras in the past, but those devices offered little once smartphone cameras took good enough pictures for most. When the kids came along, the cliche that the …

Review: Chaos Monkeys

Posted in Reading, Startups

I picked up Chaos Monkeys curious about how it would portray the same Silicon Valley that I’ve been a part of for over a dozen years. In particular, one of the characters in the narrative—Gokul …

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CSS All the Things

Posted in Apps, Front-End

There’s no shortage of minimalist text editors and writing utilities on the Mac. For whatever reason, the exact interface to inputting text in a window can be done a hundred different ways, and each permutation …