Google Photos has Won

A year ago, I was trying to use a handful of services manage my private photos collection. Each service had its plusses and minuses, but since most were cheap and/or free, the right strategy was to redundantly use all of them and see which ones stayed relevant.

Well, a few things happened.

That leaves Google Photos as the photos service of choice. It’s fast, it has practically unlimited storage, it understands videos as well as pictures, and Google has built useful features on top around the assistant and contextual search. Google Photos does have an annoying tendency to suck up every picture on my phone’s camera roll, even the ones I end up deleting, but that’s likely due to its imperfect integrations with iOS.

At this point, I’m not sure if anybody else should even try to get into or remain in the photos management business. Google Photos leverages Google’s strengths so well — scale in servers and storage, plus advanced machine learning — that no one can really catch up. Let’s just hope this remains a major service and area of focus for the company.