How Culture Matters

Posted in Management

I really like this quote from Organizational Culture and Leadership by Edgar Schein, courtesy of this article from Stratechery contrasting cultures from familiar tech companies: If one wishes to distinguish leadership from management or administration, …

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Passive Loot Games

Posted in Games

I’ve been checking out Tom Clancy’s The Division for the past week or two. It’s a third-person shooter, set in a post-virus-infected Manhattan, where the primary conflict is sleeper government agents versus extremely organized looters. …

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A Fancy European Road Trip

Posted in Places

My wife and I just got back from a week-long vacation in picturesque Scandinavia. To be honest, it was not one of the destinations either of us ever had on our list of places to …

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The Decline of the Cantonese Language

Posted in Thoughts

I have a 2-year-old son. He’ll be a second generation Chinese-American, who — unless our lives completely go sideways for the next two decades — will attend American schools and absorb American culture like any …