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The Cafe Workspace

Posted in Places, Work

Our team just had an offsite brainstorming meeting at the Workshop Cafe in the heart of the financial district in San Francisco. It is this neat little coffee shop attached to a spacious co-working space, …

Automatable Management

Posted in Computing, Management

If there’s any truth left to the cliche that middle management adds little more than bureaucracy and communication overhead to an organization, then Slack’s manager bot product should fix that market inefficiency pretty quickly. Status …

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Fashion Choices and the Apple Watch

Posted in Technology

I just came across this astute article on the current state of Apple and Android smartwatches from FastCompany: Google Could Beat Apple At Fashion—Just Like It Did Phones It gets to the heart of one …

Review: The Dip

Posted in Learning, Reading

I read The Dip by Seth Godin because it promised to be a short book on self-improvement. It’s supposed to teach its readers how to decide to follow through on a personal or professional project, …

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Review: Ready Player One

Posted in Games, Reading

This year is the year of virtual reality. All the headsets launching this year is creating a lot of excitement, but given the price points and the 1.0-nature of these launches, I’m not quite ready …

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Modular Agile Development

Posted in Engineering, Productivity

Are there any real alternatives to agile development in commercial software? There’s waterfall development, which overemphasizes software design in trading off the speed of iteration. It may be appropriate in specific, limited domains where accuracy …