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Building a PC in 2016

Posted in Computing, Hardware

So I finally got all my parts to construct my PC after receiving the monitor a couple of weeks back. I’ve built PCs for upwards of 15 years now, and every time it’s been a …

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Vancouver’s Housing Problem

Posted in Places

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I grew up there as a child and teenager. It was — and is — a beautiful city, one that encompassed all that was friendly and welcoming in the Canadian spirit, …

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Controlling Data in the Cloud

Posted in Services

I’ve been using the Day One app for a while now to keep a personal diary. The frequency comes and goes, but I’ve kept at it often enough, ever since our son was born, that …

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Forever Backwards Compatible

Posted in Thoughts

In chatting with someone on Clarity a couple of days ago, I came across a peculiar question that didn’t seem that remarkable at the time. The topic was hiring a freelancer to build a website, …