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Ending the Medium Experiment

Posted in Blog

Well, at least I tried. A couple months back, there was a growing chorus of consensus that Medium is now the blogging platform, particularly for serious, long-form writing. There were types of perspective and insightful …

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Life as Tetris

Posted in Games, Thoughts

I found a fun article a couple of days ago that tries to compare Tetris to life over Chess as the appropriate gaming analog. As a former addict to Tetris DS as well as a …

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Review: Seveneves

Posted in Reading

Seveneves would probably be better as a movie. Seveneves is the latest novel from Neal Stephenson, and it’s a story that starts with an unexplained event which causes the breakup of the moon, but quickly …

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Prescriptive vs. Descriptive Promotions

Posted in Learning, Work

There are two schools of thought on how promotions should work. They can be summarized as prescriptive and descriptive: Prescriptive promotions are given to folks that have worked hard and deserve recognition. They come with …

Review: The One Minute Manager

Posted in Management, Reading

The One Minute Manager takes about 20 minutes to read through. And I can save you 19 minutes by summarizing the three things that the managerial protagonist in the book learns from the One Minute …