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Review: Death by Video Game

Posted in Games, Reading

Video games, as an expressive medium, has always inspired other forms of media. From music concerts to massive online forums to dedicated video streaming sites, there are many vibrant communities of gamers whose passion for …

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Review: The Three Body Problem

Posted in Reading

Science fiction is not a particularly huge genre in China as far as I can tell. Chinese stories – film, books, and television – set in the dynastic periods are common, but fiction about scientific …

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Embracing Language Variety

Posted in Engineering, Management

Programming language debates are the religious wars of software development. Much like the xkcd comic on the futility of standardization, attempts to unify or consolidate our existing landscape of languages – and libraries and frameworks …

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The Company Guessing Game

Posted in Rant

Raise your hand if you’ve ever received mysterious emails or LinkedIn messages that resemble this: We’re looking for awesome [engineers / designers / product managers] to join our totally awesome team in [major tech hub]! …

An Experiment in Adsense Advertising

Posted in Blog

If you’re not running an ad blocker, you may notice that there are small Google Adsense ads running on this site. After having blogged for 11 years without ads, I had wanted to see what …