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Cards in Computing Interfaces

Posted in Games, Web Design

We relegated skeuomorphism to yesterday’s design fashion. It’s a tool that was supposed to be largely unnecessary, now that users fully understand purely digital interfaces. The remaining use case for realistic analogies in computing is …

Whether Mobile Products Monopolize

Posted in Apps, Mobile

I got in a brief discussion with the famous Startup L. Jackson on Twitter the other day. The thread started with a comment from me: We went a bit back and forth on the characteristics …

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A Fresh Coat of Paint

Posted in Blog, Web Design

It took staying up till about 3 am last night to push through the final tweaks I wanted to make to the About page before considering this version code complete. It took another handful of …

Overcoming the STEM Stereotype

Posted in Startups, Work

In other contrarian news… I came across this article today that purports that liberal arts majors are needed at today’s hottest tech startups, even moreso than engineers and other technical folk. As it turns out, …

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Review: Evo Moment 37

Posted in Games, Reading

Fighting games are a pretty old-school genre. As far as I can tell, they became massively popular back in the dimly-lit arcades of the 90s, the ultimate culmination of one-on-one battles between players. It took …

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Geeking out on Keyboards, Part I

Posted in Hardware

This post on keyboards had been sitting in my drafts folder for a month, but I never got around to finishing it. Here’s part 1, which should motivate me to write part 2. I’ve now …