A Gap in Career Mentorship

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Nobody told us how mentorship works in an age of multi-company, multi-career employment. We used to have a practice model in apprenticeships, with advancement in a single company following a rigid corporate hierarchy. Mentorship still …

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Review: Career Superpowers

Posted in Engineering, Reading

Self-improvement books – at least the ones I read – fall into two categories. There are those who claim to unmask universal truths via research and corroboration across many different sources, and the rest draw …

Working Harder is not a Good Career Strategy

Posted in Startups, Work

Remember when a prominent and arrogant venture capitalist called out startup employees to basically stop whining and work harder? He was almost immediately rebuked by one of the subjects of his anecdote as hypocritical, that …

Faking Software Design

Posted in Interview

I’ve been having a back-and-forth with a friend on getting a software developer job in Japan. Cultural differences aside – and there are quite a few – we reached an impasse in debating how to …

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Knowledge Rot

Posted in Learning

I just came across a fascinating observation on the nature of knowledge over time, how it rots and fades despite the rigorous recording, publishing, and indexing of information. This is a familiar story on a …

The Comfort of an Simple, Enjoyable Routine

Posted in Games

Every year, I go out and buy a copy of the latest NBA 2K video game. Every year, I start and finish a season of basketball with a team, usually going through the full 82-game …

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Review: The Alliance

Posted in Management, Reading

I enjoyed The Alliance. It’s Reid Hoffman’s second book on work and career management, with insights and many actionable points of advice to deal with our current job environment of shorter job stints and ambiguous …

Apps don’t Magically Increase Reach

Posted in Apps

Apps are supposed to be magical. Well, not so much magical as they are a supposedly a requirement for most businesses, the main way to get in front of users whose time is increasingly dominated …