Retina is Driving PC Hardware

Posted in Computing

Nope, couldn’t do it. I took the new Macbook “upgrade” that I bought a few weeks ago back to the Apple store and told them that I’d stick with my 4-year-old battleship for now. Quick …

Progressive Web Apps

Posted in Front-End

I read an interesting article a few days ago on the idea of building web apps “progressively”, in that they take on more characteristics of native apps but still retain the flexibility and reach of …

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Can Free Mobile Content Survive?

Posted in Technology

Facebook Instant Articles. Apple News powered by iAds. These are the ways that tech companies are telling us that the web is not good enough for text and images anymore, and that full native is …

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The Chronicles of E-Sports History

Posted in Games

E-sports aren’t quite mainstream yet. Despite ESPN airing tournaments on one of its major channels (though not without controversy), virtual sports are very far removed in scope and mindshare compared to physical sports, most of …

The Complexity of Mobile Software

Posted in Learning, Technology

Like most folks who work in technology, I get roped into helping non-technical friends and family out with their software woes. Though once in a while this would be a legitimately technical task (e.g., trying …

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How to Read

Posted in Reading

I think it has been years since I’ve picked up and read a physical book – for better or worse, my reading habit has gone completely digital, and I prefer my Kindle and its backlight …

Not Adjusting Expectations

Posted in Thoughts

I typically spend a few minutes every Sunday to go through my finances. This means checking up on credit card statements, ensuring I have enough money in bank accounts to pay for upcoming bills, and …

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Unlearning Keyboard Shortcuts

Posted in Computing

Muscle memory is a powerful tool. I’m currently typing on a Kinesis Advantage keyboard. It’s yet another ergonomic keyboard, one those major difference – which contributes to its steeper learning curve – is in its …

Software Eating Software Engineering

Posted in Engineering

A few days ago, a question was asked on Hacker News: What is the future of the programmer? I had briefly agonized about this before, in context of contrasting how I came into computing in …

4 Years Later, a Slower MacBook Upgrade

Posted in Computing

I went out and got the new MacBook to try for a week or two. It is quite a wonder of hardware and industrial design: thin and light, cools completely passively (so no noisy fans), …

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The Unique Properties of Photos

Posted in Technology

Another month, another great photos service. Google Photos is the latest service to one-up its competition, and there’s a lot to like about it: both the effectively unlimited storage[1] and the machine-intelligent search play to …