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Hatching Twitter

Posted in Reading, Startups

One of my guilty reading pleasures are tech company biographies. That I’m a part of the industry and can relate to the motivations of founders and early employees is a given; I’ve also followed companies’ …

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Cloud Atlas

Posted in Reading

I’ll admit: I picked up the Cloud Atlas novel mostly because the trailer for the movie adaption of the same name looked pretty interesting, a juxtaposition of what seemed like many different places and time …

Best. Autocomplete. Ever.

Posted in Javascript, Learning

During a recent role-playing portion of our interview training session at Square, I was trying to come up with a caricature of an interviewing engineer attempting to impress my counterpart across the table. I ended …

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The Hard Thing about Hard Things

Posted in Management, Reading

There aren’t that many good articles on management in a technology company, and even less good books that go into much detail[1]. Square’s leadership courses reference High Output Management, written by the president of Intel …

A Random Walk Down Wall Street

Posted in Reading

Random Walk is the classic investment tome. I have been meaning to get through it for a while now, but I’ve only recently had a chance to read through its timeless advice. I guess I …

Games as a Service

Posted in Games, Services

MMORPGs introduced the concept of games as a service almost two decades ago. It was and remains a straight-forward idea: pay $x/month, and we’ll run the servers that enable the online game to function as …