Hacker News, Techcrunch, and the Power of “Google”

Whoa, what a wild week.

As of this writing, this blog has received 26,704 hits total, the vast majority of which came from one article submitted on Hacker News(HN) and linked via Techcrunch (TC) on my phone screening practices whilst in the employment of the most trusted brand in America. It’s pretty exciting to see the traffic come in waves, and for there to be genuinely interesting discussion on what I feel is a oft-encountered, rarely-discussed topic – software engineering interview practices.

I totally should have slapped AdSense on this. By the time I write another dozen “How to ____ a Google ___” articles, I’d have pocketed a cool $20.

Nevertheless, I actually feel a little bad about all the attention; I never meant to generate a linkbait article[1], and I would have preferred growing a readership base via a corpus of insightful and technical posts. That said, I did get some unexpected eyeballs on this site, and through the weekend drew some observations. As this is a one-time, uncontrolled, small sample test, these are definitely not conclusive; perhaps someone with more expertise in SEO and tech. blogging can corroborate these findings.

So, in rough chronological order:

That’s all I’ve got so far. If anybody has more insights or wants to trash the anything-but-expert analysis above, publicly or privately, please don’t hesitate.

Footnotes    (↑ returns to text)
  1. Which in hindsight, was completely naive. It even sounded like an eHow article.
  2. I was still checking my blog stats pretty closely, partially because I wanted to witness changing stats, and partially because, like everybody else, I’m quite the stat whore and I was riding the attention high.